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"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Gustav Jung

Workshops with the Access Leadership Lab

Business commentators agree that paying attention to how we react opens the way to exemplary leadership. We have created our workshops to answer common challenges within business and life. We give you models to shape how you think about each challenge; tools you can use throughout the challenge; and most importantly practice, to see how you react under pressure, and to create new ways of managing your responses.

Leadership Development Series

1 hour sessions on leadership skills, designed and catered to your business.

Leadership Adventure Workshop

2 day intensive deep dive into your leadership presence and reaching your potential.

Schedule for 2016

2016 Leadership Adventure Workshop Dates  Register

  • March 24th - 25th, 2016

Our Workshops

One-hour Leadership Development Series – designed and offered for organizations

Our one-hour leadership development series is delivered in your workplace. It helps businesses of any size get all employees speaking the same language in regard to common workplace challenges like conflict, feedback, and listening. These sessions are fast and informative, allow time for practice, and are most effective when a team and its leader commit to using these skills when times get tough.

  • Once per month with a half hour follow-up call
  • Can be done as a cohort group (group of people already working together)
  • Can be for groups of individuals across various departments (this can also produce cross collaboration)
  • Usually runs for one year, with content for additional years (some businesses do more than one year)
  • Can be customized to the business

Please contact Tracy or Neil to discuss bringing this series to your workplace:
email: /
phone: 206.818.7541

Two-day intensive Leadership Adventure Workshop – March 24th and 25th, 2016

The Leadership Adventure is a learning laboratory: an intensive program in an intimate group setting with significant member participation in the learning process. You will discuss, engage and move with other members, including the workshop leaders, to hone your unique leadership presence. Each member receives a significant amount of individual feedback and attention.

We combine theories and practices from the fields of leadership and organization development, brain science, and psychology with cutting edge methodology in the field of Somatics to recognize our automatic physical actions and reactions.

  • Takes place in or around Seattle, once or twice each year
  • Can also travel to be in other locations around the world
  • The course is traditionally open enrollment, but can be done as a cohort with consideration
  • Combines much of the information from the other courses into a shorter but more condensed time frame with more opportunity to dig deeper into subject matter given the continuous time together

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