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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes." - William James


"Neil created positive behavior changes in me and my team that helped us to be incredibly successful in creating significant business impact. His simple and insightful perspectives are lifelong lessons." - Sasanka Yellamanchalli, Sr. Director Business Process Management, Microsoft Corporation

"My time working with Neil was an extremely educational and rewarding experience. Neil has an innate ability to listen, interpret, coach and challenge in a manner that both stretches your comfort zone and allows for growth. I came away with an increased level of personal and professional awareness. I would highly recommend Neil for any person looking to develop their personal or professional selves." - Curt Platte, Consultant, Poyry Management Consulting

"Neil always provides a refreshing perspective that helps clarify my own intentions and make sense of those of others." - Kirk Thornby, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Acme Made "

Team Members

"Meeting with Neil on a regular basis gave me the unbiased, objective feedback and tools needed to help me improve my leadership and people skills. His mentoring has been invaluable in teaching me the many different ways a specific interaction can be taken and it makes me more understanding of different positions."

"The coaching and development process opened my eyes to different ways to see the same issues."

"The coaching has given me specific areas on which to focus my efforts in growing personally. It has helped me to become a more effective communicator."

"The coaching process allows me to keep the training and focus on improvement top of mind. The key to improving is repetition over the long term to break old habits and form new ones. Their coaching allows me to have a chance of doing this."

"McCarthy Consulting's process has allowed me to discuss my thoughts and feelings regarding my situation in the organization. Neil's perspective has helped me identify specific areas of development in my performance and helped me see how I may be perceived in the organization. His insightfulness and strait forward questions have required me to sit up and face the data and make key change decisions on a daily basis."

"The perspectives and practices introduced have had a significant impact on my ability to effectively communication to employees and customers."

"This coaching has been far more effective than any training or mentoring I have previously had. With mentoring, your mentor has no exposure to how you really behave; all they know is what you tell them. With training, you gain valuable information, but aren't held accountable for following up and applying it. McCarthy Consulting's coaching provided that necessary 1:1 observation and feedback that mentoring lacks, and the accountability that training classes lack."

"This is completely the right stuff at the right time for me. Neil has been insightful and helpful. The sessions have helped me deal with the organization changes and with establishing a better working relationship with the General Manager. It has dovetailed nicely with personal growth work I had already started outside the company."

"Communication is key in our business. Neil has identified methods for increasing the clarity and direction of decisions we make while at the same time, giving us more effective tools for judging the impact to others."

"Working with them has really had a significant impact on me and my team from the way I conduct meetings to the way I interact with the leadership and my own team. We don't often get this type of candid, unbiased feedback to really look in the mirror and improve."

"I've become more clear, decisive and authentic."

"I've experienced tangible results in customer satisfaction through the use of the pragmatic and practical skills they have shared with us."

"The impact to my job performance is not as good now as I expect it to be in the future. I could benefit from a repeat of this training session."

"This coaching has helped me gain a better insight into who I am, what I am good at, and where I need to develop. Most managers are ineffective at providing that type of input. A skilled coach has a major, effective impact, which is a unique experience for me."

"Very helpful in giving me options for working with my team to improve communication and teamwork. Useful for me personally in understanding how to view and work with senior management."

"We are actually growing as individuals via effective direction and coaching with McCarthy Consulting instead of random, ineffective "feedback/criticism" from some in the management chain."