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Our embedded coaching strengthens teams as they work – increasing awareness and enhancing collaboration to evolve high-performance units.

Locked-In Patterns, Established Barriers

Growing reliance on teams to make critical decisions, define core strategies execute critical work means companies must optimize the capabilities of their teams – not just develop individuals. And they must address the complexities and interdependencies of critical organizational initiatives if their teams are to become high-performance entities.

Though businesses increasingly work through team structures, teams receive too little data or feedback about how their interactions support or hinder goal achievement. Then there are the cultural norms – political politeness, conflict avoidance, or perceived lack of time – that constrict the authentic conversations and objective inputs necessary to resolve the very issues that inhibit teams from reaching their potential.

Further, it is assumed that skilled individuals responsible for specific areas or functions can easily put aside their goals and objectives to improve the performance of the team and for entire organization. The reality is that organizational barriers and interpersonal conflicts – within teams and across programs – get in the way of teams trying to reach their full potential.

Team leaders may struggle to evaluate how their personal management style shapes the team's underlying norms and patterns – yet, it is typically the greatest single determinant of a team's ability to perform.

Team Development as Enabling Strategy & Business Process

McCarthy Consulting works directly with leaders and their teams to drive higher performance through increased collaboration, greater transparency and clearer alignment of individual goals to team objectives.

Our "real-time" approach is based on direct observation of teams working together – in status meetings, planning sessions or detailed reviews. It is designed to be unobtrusive yet leaves no doubt about how leaders can translate powerful theories and concepts of team dynamics. Higher performance inevitably follows candid communication practices, clearer feedback and deeper trust.

Our team coaching approach is:

  • Designed for clarity – creating space for candor, fearless feedback and intellectual risk-taking
  • Team-targeted – recognizing the interpersonal patterns and complex dynamics that take hold in the team context
  • Pragmatic – hands-on, real-time coaching based on observation of the team in action, while real work is being done
  • Actionable & results-driven – applying specific actions to remove barriers and change behaviors in real time, not "next time"

Do You Need to Boost Team Performance?

We support business leaders seeking to address a set of common challenges in team management:

"Our team meetings are inefficient and all over the place – we spin our wheels, dive too deep, and 'topic-hop.' We inevitably run out of time before making decisions that will stick."

"For all the exceptional talent on this team, we are not achieving our goals or making much progress."

"We're still stuck on a few basic issues, which are always on the agenda and distract everyone."

"I wish we received feedback soon enough to do something useful with it."

"After our team meetings, everyone seems discouraged, and I don't think anyone knows if our leader is satisfied."