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McCarthy Consulting Group offers leaders an opportunity to experiment with theories, ideas, and behaviors in private, to prepare and support them in leading meaningful inquiry and action within their organizations.

New Roles Mean New Challenges

For many leaders, increased responsibility represents a thinking challenge. Senior roles usually reduce or eliminate the number of people with whom you can speak freely and consult openly in addressing complex issues.

In a senior role, you may encounter:

  • More frequently hidden agendas
  • Potential interpersonal conflicts in managing business unit vs enterprise goals
  • Complex team dynamics
  • More intricate relationship networks
  • Shifting strategic concerns

All of these factors place a premium on personal growth and development, but also make them more difficult to achieve.

But, for a variety of reasons the direct and specific feedback necessary to progress in these areas is delivered less frequently, less reliably and with fewer clear actions to take. That leaves leaders in the unenviable position of guessing at the right behavioral changes to make and the best to way to achieve them, or trying out new behaviors without having changed underlying perspectives or mindsets. This gap or incongruity means new behaviors look and feel forced, not natural.

While formal training is an integral part of most leadership development programs, many leaders – even the most dynamic – struggle to apply new knowledge or skills in the context of day-to-day responsibilities. This is the greatest obstacle to focused and rapid development.

Change the Mindset, Change the Behavior

McCarthy Consulting offers "thinking partnerships" leaders can use to explore issues, cultivate new perspectives and propel their own development even as they address new challenges. Our approach is to transform perspectives and shift mindsets to enable important behavioral changes.

Our coaching relationships are:

  • Trust-based – creating space for candor, openness and intellectual risk-taking
  • Proven – built on our unique professional expertise and experience in interpersonal and organizational dynamics
  • Targeted – focusing on individual goals and profiles, while aligning to business goals
  • Results-driven – removing barriers to performance improvements

Working one-on-one with a coach offers leaders the personal and immediate feedback that helps them maintain a disciplined and committed structure to enhance their capabilities, develop new skills, and make sustainable behavioral changes that grow naturally from changed mindsets.

Using behavioral diagnostics, close "field" observation as leaders work with their teams, and our "in-the-moment" experience of leaders, we identify and define individual leadership approaches and create tailored plans to support personal objectives and drive behavioral changes that increase leadership skills and move the organization forward.

Do You Need a Thinking Partner?

"I need to keep developing, but don't get the feedback I need."

"I don't know what I could or should do differently to make a significant difference in my performance."

"I know I am capable of leadership, but I have this position, because of my technical skills."

"Our company needs a stronger bench of future leaders, but we're not sure how to develop them."