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From exploration and agreement on concerns and problems to the realization of targeted results, our experience and expertise approach enables us to 'adapt' with our clients. The activities at each stage of our approach are chosen and customized to meet our client's unique and specific needs.

Our Approach

McCarthy Consulting Group partners with clients to explore the personal and organizational challenges and opportunities that come with the pressure for continuous growth, larger profit margins, improved and consistent workforce performance, and increased customer loyalty. But, so do many other management consulting firms. What is unique about our approach is we focus more attention, passion, and expertise on supporting our clients during the critical application phase of the performance improvement process.

There is an axiom that states "a good strategy implemented well, will outperform a great strategy that is hard to implement." Most of us have seen or experienced great ideas that never seemed to deliver on the promises they held. We believe the possibilities, the benefits, and the challenges of performance improvement initiatives exist in the application. Our main objective is to help our clients translate the theories and concepts of performance improvement into practical actions and processes that be consistently applied to deliver the results they desire. Because of the abundance of theories and concepts readily available that may help an individual or organization improve performance it is our responsibility to help our clients match the right strategy with their unique needs.

The urgency felt by leaders and organizations to rapidly and continuously improve performance drives them to become increasingly focused on finding quick "technical" solutions to challenges without sufficient consideration for the "adaptive" solutions to support the intended outcomes. A "technical" solution implies that the answer to the issue already exists and the leader or organization simply needs to find the right structure, institute the right procedure, or acquire the right tool. An "adaptive" solution implies that the desired improvement in performance and results lie in "adapting" underlying behaviors, attitudes, and dynamics within the organization. In our approach we help our clients combine the available "technical" solutions and the necessary "adaptive" solutions in order to deliver a higher return on investment and more sustained results.

A common criticism of organizational consulting is that the positive effects are generally not sustainable. We believe that criticism exists because many consulting engagements focus on an event or few development steps without supporting the application of learning over time. As an engagement progresses our passionate focus on application through 'in the moment' opportunities for practice, feedback, and reinforcement ensures there will be structures and processes in place to maintain the momentum generated during our engagement.

Our Team

Neil McCarthy, M.A.

Neil McCarthy

Neil McCarthy founded McCarthy Consulting in 2003 with a mission to help corporate leaders realize their full leadership potential, overcome adversity and organizational conflict, and achieve demanding business goals. The focus of his work has been to aid leaders and teams in translating theories of individual, team, and organizational performance into practical and applicable actions that deliver results – like more effective collaboration, increased productivity and stronger strategic alignments.

Neil has worked extensively with hundreds of skilled leaders and teams at Microsoft Corporation, as well as other organizations in the Pacific Northwest. In his coaching and consulting work with organizations, he has seen how smart and experienced professionals fall back on default human responses to uncertainty, adversity, failure, -- and has helped many overcome their fears, limiting behaviors and organizational barriers to development and growth.

His deep understanding of human motivation, behavior, and dynamics and unique theories about leadership have grown from his diverse background and experiences, including his 10 years of leading and educating as a mountain guide with Alpine Ascents International and the National Outdoor Leadership School. Neil's experience leading expeditions to the highest peaks in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Central and South America, Antarctica, and the Himalayas, gave him an intimate understanding of the importance, the challenges, and the impact of leadership on team performance.

Whether in the mountains or the conference room, he believes the key to great leadership is to commit to ongoing active growth and consistently develop one's ability and resiliency to work effectively with behavioral, emotional, and mental processes during the pursuit of demanding goals and objectives.

He holds a MA in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two children. In addition to outdoor activities, he is passionate about golf, woodworking, and music.

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Tracy Rekart, M.A.

Tracy Rekart

Tracy Rekart will help you create sustainable change.

As a coach, Tracy is a master in helping people embody their full potential and put it into action to accomplish their goals. Her cutting edge approach marries brain/body science, movement practices, and goal-centered conversation. It enables you to transcend “stuck”, and enter flow.

Tracy is a dynamic facilitator, and a highly respected leadership and organizational development coach. She has depth of knowledge across many different disciplines. She is an artist. She has led mid-size businesses, worked in corporations and is an entrepreneur. She brings decades of practice in meditation and yoga. And she has travelled the world to climb sheer cliffs and mountains.

These combined experiences have led her to understand that leadership and personal success come from more than the brain alone. To become a resilient leader, able to innovate, make quick and important decisions, and communicate effectively with diverse people and teams, our whole person, including our bodily systems, needs to be open to changing.

Tracy is a Master Somatic Coach, holds a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Science from LIOS and Bachelor’s degree in Art History. She lives in Seattle with her husband, two children and a dog. Has a crazy big permaculture garden, loves to nourish people with good food, and gets into the mountains every chance she has.

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Randy Pomeroy, M.A.

Randy Pomeroy

Since the early 1990's Randy has guided, trained and facilitated the behavioral advancement and goal attainment of individuals, teams and leaders. He has done this through a combination of wilderness expeditionary learning and hands on organizational development initiatives.

Randy complimented his undergraduate studies in Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz by studying Applied Behavioral Science at the Leadership Institute of Seattle, specifically in Leadership and Organization Development. This furthered his awareness and understanding of human dynamics, and how to navigate and influence human systems successfully. Randy's approach draws on decades of global and wilderness adventure. His travels for both work and education have brought him to more than 30 countries on 5 continents. For more than a decade he lead groups to many remote wilderness and cultural regions of the world for Outward Bound, Top Guides, and World Challenge Expeditions.

Demonstrated by his own ability to seek out, study and experience change, Randy supports others success by helping them better understand and manage the complexities of system and team dynamics. Aside from direct individual and team coaching, training and facilitation, Randy is a master of outdoor experiential activities which illustrate concepts in practical terms to increase transference into other environs and contexts. He supports leaders in corporate, not for profit, academic and government sectors. His client list includes Sony Pictures Entertainment, Charles Schwab, Applied Materials, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and the American Leadership Forum. Randy successfully helps people explore and apply the knowledge and experience available for continual learning and improved performance.

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Daniel Lieberman, M.A.

Daniel Lieberman

An leadership coach and master change facilitator, Daniel Lieberman helps subject matter experts become leaders who elevate their influence, satisfaction, outcomes and change results. Daniel provides behavioral sciences perspective and tools combined with operational grit and political savvy. He develops leaders who become more agile, improve impact, and add more value.

Daniel brings more than 20 years of depth, breadth and know-how. His experience spans the healthcare, Fortune 500, technology, government and nonprofit sectors. For more than 10 years as an operational leader with $500M+ P&L accountability, Daniel delivered continuous improvement, led sustainable change and added remarkable growth with triple-bottom-line value.

For the past decade Daniel has turned his talent and attention to coaching and consulting. An advisor and seasoned agent of change, he helps leaders produce better results by improving leadership competency. Daniel brings clarity and energy that helps experts amplify their leadership capability to adroitly navigate the post-modern, complex sea of rapid change and chronic ambiguity.

Daniel holds an Applied Behavioral Sciences Masters degree in Coaching and Consulting from the Leadership Institute of Seattle. (He claims to have earned his “undergraduate degree from Starbucks Coffee.”) He’s a certified coach and an expert in behavioral assessment and change management. He has extensive post-graduate training in leadership and organizational systems. A resident of Seattle for more than 20 years, Daniel is an active participant in the human service and social enterprise communities.

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Keith Ferrin, M.A.

Keith Ferrin

Keith is exceptional at helping people get their ideas across, whether they are speaking to one person over coffee, training a small group, or presenting to an audience of 10,000. Keith developed his talents as a facilitator and trainer for the Dynamic Communicator's Workshop (Ken Davis Productions).

He has spent more than a decade traveling throughout the United States and internationally as a speaker, workshop leader, trainer, and storyteller. He has worked with corporate leaders, school teachers, pastors, salespeople, and teenagers.

Keith holds a Cum Laude degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Guidance and Counseling. He is the founder and President of True Success Coaching, llc.

His passion is to help people live lives that are not only balanced, but fully integrated with their values and purpose. His desire is to help people live successful lives – internally, externally, and eternally.

Keith and his family live outside of Seattle and enjoy doing most anything outdoors.

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Becky Seiler

Becky Seiler

Becky has provided research and administrative support to McCarthy Consulting Group since August, 2013. Her work includes schedule management and content editing. Ms. Seiler has previous experience in marketing and public relations, as well as secondary education.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in English and a secondary education credential from San Jose State University. Ms. Seiler lives in the Seattle area with her family and is an avid community volunteer. She enjoys bowling, knitting, reading and lively conversation.

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Our Clients

Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small professional firms and start up entrepreneurial businesses.

  • Banks
  • Children's and General Hospitals
  • Consulting firms
  • Construction companies
  • Consumer product companies
  • Data management companies
  • Design firms: print and digital
  • Family owned businesses
  • Non profit organizations
  • Performing arts institutions
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Professional firms and partnerships
  • Public relations and advertising agencies
  • Schools and universities
  • Software Industry
  • Telecommunication and cable industries
  • Textile and light metal fabrication plants